Tabitha Stowe is a West Australian self taught artist, who has worked with interior designers and home décor outlets for over 20 years. Her beautiful work in the south west region of WA Margraret River is show cased at the Amelia Park Winery.

Working with fine inks, acrylic pigments and patterned papers gives the successive layers, textures and patterns to Tabitha's original paintings. Tabitha's Empresses females are a creative journey that can take up anywhere up to a few months to years to finally complete a collection. "My Empress collection are filled with women in fancy bright kimonos to the full roaring 1920s, feathers and hats adorned with magnolias and ribbons. I get inspired from old vintage dancing, Asian and French clothing. I find myself rummaging through all kinds of décor idea and I find myself very attracted to exotic maximalist decorating style combined with a style of feminine eclectic. I adore 19th century follies from vintage burlesque right through to even to the Persian kaftan from the Ancient Mesopotamian. My other abstract painting subjects range from the natural world such as bodies of waters filled with lotus flowers to fields of poppies. Each piece is a combination of layers and textures and then waiting for them to dry over time before applying the the next layer. All my paintings are influenced from beauty and I aim at capturing a rich lavish combination of colors that are timeless and filled with vibrancy and textures. I sometimes use my actual hands to paint, yes my hands! I need to feel the paint and how my fingers control the final look. My water lilies are usually  processed this way. I like to use my camera to photograph patterns and rejoin them together creating a tapestry for a painting, much like collage. I sometimes use a digital approach first to see my work from a birds eye view. My abstracts are not planned though color combing is. Abstract is my way of processing any internal or outside energies that may need expressing that words alone can't speak." Tabitha Stowe has private collections around the world including Australia, India, New York, Chicago and  Germany.  


Tabitha's paintings are all professionally photographed  to ensure that the color and intricacies of all her original art paintings is captured for reproduction fine art pints.

Prints come in a range of archival canvas or cotton rag paper. Both are printed using the glicee method using a fine ink printer with guarantee no fade up to 90 years. Cotton rag is a paper cotton also known as rag paper, is made using cotton linters or cotton from used cloth (rags) as the primary material. Important documents are often printed on cotton paper, because it is known to last many years without deterioration. Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper, which may contain high concentrations of acids. Cotton rag also absorbs ink and holds the ink locked in.  

Canvas prints are thicker at 350gsm and  do not require glass.

 All canvas prints come with an additional image border for stretching around the the stretcher bars at your local framers.  If your interested in having your canvas stretched please contact Tabitha at

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Deliveries for prints 2-5 days processing.
7-20 days printing and shipping.  More for international orders may be longer.  Shipping is done every Wednesday's. For special occasions and requests please email

Many of  Tabitha's paintings do not have an automatic shipping fee applied to them at checkout. That is because they can not be sent with a standard postal service. We can get you an accurate quote on the shipping fee by request.. You will be invoiced separately for the delivery fee for your painting. We will be in touch with you within 4 working days of your purchase to make delivery arrangements.. For paintings at  Amelia park there is a 5 to 7 week wait. due to swap over and replacement art hanging for the restaurant. Delivery runs to Perth from Margaret river are on a Tuesday

For  international orders on painting International orders may incur
custom fees.  All products sent overseas may incur duties, taxes, and other charges to be paid by the customer upon their order arriving into the destination country. These charges vary depending on the shipping destination. Please make sure you check with the relevant customs so you are aware of any charges that may be added to your order.  Tabitha Stowe does not add these charges to your order and is not liable to pay them. They are applied by the government of the country you are importing the product into. These are some examples of fees you may be charged by customs for importing an item: GST, LEVIES, DUTIES, STORAGE, ENTRY, INSPECTION, ADMINISTRATION.